The receipt of a CHEQ™ at a lockbox (point of receipt) that will be converted to an electronic CHEQ™ transaction and processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network as an Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) transaction or through the Fed as an Image Replacement deposit (IRD).

The CHEQ™ is converted to an image and MICR data file to be transmitted to our CHEQ™ Processing Center the same day.

MailCHEQ Benefits

  • Easily Centralize Multiple Location Deposits
  • No More Daily Re-deposits of Returned Checks
  • No Change to Your Current Banking Relationship
  • CHEQ™Image Captured as Proof of Payment
  • Eliminate All NSF Returned Item Fees With CHEQ Recovery
  • Instant Access to CHEQ™Image Copies
  • Instant Access to Daily CHEQ™ Log
  • Easy to Use and Implement
  • Lower CHEQ™Deposit fees
  • Lower CHEQ™Re-deposit fees
  • Faster Availability of Funds
  • Built in Security Management

MailCHEQ Process

The consumer is informed that their CHEQ™ will be converted to an electronic transaction and debited from their Account.

The MICR line of the CHEQ™, the image, and the transaction amount are used to form the electronic ARC or IRD transaction.

MailCHEQ™ takes a digital image of the CHEQ™to serve as the legal proof of payment for the purchase. The Image is also be used in the CHEQ Recovery™ collection process.

MailCHEQ Solutions

MailCHEQ™ conversion allows your company to process and deposit all of your mailed in payments electronically. At the end of each day, the captured CHEQ™ information will be placed into an ACH file as an ARC or IRD entry. Then once a day,  MailCHEQ™ will deliver the deposit electronically to the bank through our CHEQ™ Processing Center.