CHEQ™ Conversion is the process of converting a paper CHEQ™ to an electronic image and payment. This process is easy for the consumer, cashier and administrative personnel. The value of integrating RetailCHEQ™ conversion into your retail payment system is that it will reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

The savings over traditional paper CHEQ™ processing include reduced transaction time at the check-out lane, a more efficient process for closing out registers at the end of each shift and faster availability of funds.

RetailCHEQ Benefits

Reduces Processing Costs vs. Paper

Access to CHEQ™ Image Archive

Eliminate All NSF Returned Item Fees With CHEQ Recovery™

Minimizes Returned Items

Reduces Other Return Fees

Better Returned Item Tracking

Improves Cash Flow

Speeds up Funds Availability

Reduced Banking Fees

Easier Daily Cash Management

Faster Deposit Preparation

RetailCHEQ Process

Considering all the elements of cost and efficiency, Retail- CHEQ™ conversion is substantially favorable to traditional paper CHEQ™ processing.

CSI merchants can feel confident in utilizing the RetailCHEQ™ conversion process.

RetailCHEQ Solution

Throughout the payment industry, the CSI CHEQ™ brand is synonymous with security, innovation and flexibility.

Businesses feel secure knowing that RetailCHEQ™ utilizes the most accurate information available when deciding whether to accept a customer’s CHEQ™.

We have an extensive history of providing businesses the information needed to make important decisions that affect their bottom line.