PhoneCHEQ™ transaction processing allows businesses to receive consumer CHEQ™ payments by telephone.

A one-time authorization enables you to debit the customer’s account and deposit the payment into your Merchant account.

Goods can be shipped faster since funds are collected faster.  Returns are received within 48-72 hours as opposed to 5-10 days with paper CHEQ™ transactions.

PhoneCHEQ Benefits

Eliminate CODs

Enhanced cash flow

Potential to lower bank fees

Electronic items clear faster than paper items

Simplified “back office” processing

Convenient and faster processing of checks

Higher collections on returns

Automate the NSF collection process

Quicker collection opportunities on returns

Customized integrated Software solutions

Electronic Accounts Receivable file updates

Electronic batch processing

IVR PhoneCHEQ™ acceptance also available

Eliminate All NSF Returned Item Fees With CHEQ Recovery™

PhoneCHEQ Process

A PhoneCHEQ™ is the acceptance of checking account information over the phone for payment of goods and services or a payment on account. This transaction is processed via the ACH network as a TEL transaction. It can be tied via TCP/IP connection to our secure Internet gateway for automated processing and online reporting or it can be processed through our UniCHEQ™ software.

PhoneCHEQ Facts

Acceptance of a CHEQ™ over the phone has been utilized by several industries over the past 20 years — insurance, health clubs, and auto ship programs to name a few. The difference today, with a PhoneCHEQ™ from CSI, is the ability to process all the transactions as electronic items.

No paper drafts, No NSF fees related to paper item processing and No time delay in the receipt of your funds.

As with our other CHEQ™ services,CHEQ Recovery™ is a part of the PhoneCHEQ™ process. Authorization is obtained at the time of the call, or in advance in the order process, returned items are handled according to CHEQ Recovery™ guidelines.