UniCHEQ™ is a PC based software solution for originating CHEQ transactions. With UniCHEQ™ you can process transactions as point of sale (POP), a mailed in CHEQ (ARC), monthly recurring debits (PPD) and telephone CHEQ transactions (TEL).

Our UniCHEQ™ PC based software provides the framework for you to originate all your CHEQ transactions via the ACH network while performing check image capture, all in a matter of seconds.

UniCHEQ Benefits

Setup recurring debits and other CHEQ™ Transaction Types

No More Nightly Paper Deposits

Easy Process to Implement And Use

No Change to Your Banking Relationship

Automated Interface to Your Accounts Receivable

Eliminate All NSF returned Item Fees With CHEQ Recovery™

Instant Access to Daily CHEQ™ Transaction Information

UniCHEQ Process

Once a day, the UniCHEQ software will deliver your daily deposits electronically by batch to our CHEQ Processing Center, which in turn debits the CHEQ writers account and credits your business depository account.

UniCHEQ Solution

UniCHEQ™ uses the MICRImage scanner from Magtek to capture both point-of-sale (POP) and mailed-in CHEQ™ (ARC) transactions throughout the day.