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Recurring payment processing makes it easier for both the customer and the business. Automated checking account debits for recurring payments replace time consuming, labor intensive paper process. Learn more...


BillCHEQ™ offers Payday Lenders and Check Cashers an easy and inexpensive way to make more money. From your PC, simply log in to access the BillCHEQ™ user-friendly interface and process electronic bill payments to over 10,000 billers, charge wireless refills and prepaid debit cards all on one easy-to-use system. Learn more...


CHEQ Processing, LLC. and its affiliates combine hardware, software, communications and experience to give you fast and accurate remittance processing. We specialize in making differing technologies work seamlessly together to meet the diverse needs of each client. Learn more...


CHEQ Processing, LLC.'s Online reporting is a secure and convenient way to access and view your account activity including daily CHEQ™ transactions, fees and return information. Upload files to import data directly into your accounting system are also available. We provide multiple layers of security including secure user authentication, 128 bit encryption for your data, and firewalls. Learn more...


Real-time online secure payment capability not only makes moving funds far more convenient and secure, it also replaces labor intensive paper process. An online CHEQ™ payment acceptance process provides buyers aand sellers with economic efficiencies and savings using a checking account debit rather than the use of more expensive credit card processing.


CHEQ Processing, LLC.'s proprietary NSF collection process is designed to provide fast and efficient recovery of NSF funds while virtually eliminating NSF banking fees. We currently process hundreds of thousands of returned items with some of the highest collection rates in the market today. Learn more...


ewebBILL is the perfect way for your customers to both receive and pay their bill online. No more mail to open, postage to pay or checks to write. The complete answer when your customers demand the convenience and advantage of receiving and paying their bills online instead of paying postage to mail a check and payment coupon. Learn more...


Electronic conversion of a paper CHEQ™ received through the mail for the payment of goods or services. The receipt of a CHEQ at the lockbox (point of receipt) that will be converted to an electronic CHEQ™ transaction and processed throught the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network as an Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) transaction. Learn more...


OfficeCHEQ™ is the electronic conversion of paper checks received through the mail or from a drop-off location for the payment of good or services.

Checks received from a drop-off location or from the point of sale are converted into electronic check transactions though a Back Office Conversion (BOC) operation. The Electronic transactions are then processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network as Back Office Conversion (BOC) transactions or through the Fed as a Check 21 item. If the customer’s check is drawn on a non-participating financial institution, the item is processed as an Image Replacement Document (IRD). Learn more...


The acceptance of checking account information over the telephone for the payment of goods or services ordered through a call center, is one of the least expensive ways to process a payment. There are no paper drafts and NO NSF fees on returns related to PhoneCHEQ™ transaction processing, with less time delay in the receipt of funds. Learn more...


CHEQ™ Conversion is the process of converting a paper CHEQ™ to an electronic image and payment. This process is easy for the consumer, cashier and administrative personnel. The value of integrating RetailCHEQ™ conversion into your retail payment system is that it will reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies. Learn more...